2013 is in the books!

Hey there drift fans!!

Most of you reading this page likely already know, drift season here in Canada is over! After an exciting debut season for the Cyrious Garageworks / Scion Racing 2013 Scion FR-S it’s now time to reflect on the past season’s successes and failures, and draw some hard-earned knowledge from those experiences!

Round 5


As we continued to press forward through the season, the FR-S continued to show improvements at each outing. Round 5 would see the FR-S in working order, so this would be it’s real debut at this track, as opposed to the test run at St Croix a couple rounds before. This round actually combined both the Pro and Pro Am classes to run a Top 32 format event!


We were slated to pair up against Alex Blanchette in the Top 32 round, but he was suffering from mechanical difficulties, and therefore decided to honorably forfeit rather than continue and potentially suffer a malfunction mid-race and wreck the car.


Our next opponent in the Top 16 was Eric Paradis. Though it was a close, and actually controversial decision, Paradis had done enough in the judges’ eyes to be awarded the win.


Round 6


Round 6 saw us returned to Autodrome Montmagny for the second time this year. This time, however, the judges arranged a different layout, as well as implementing the Top 32 as they had at the last round. This would be the FR-S’ debut at Montmagny so we had hopes for a good showing!


In Top 32 we were matched up against Maxime Poirier. Max definitely has the potential to be a contender, and with more seat time I think he could really do some damage in the series! He was unable to close in on the FR-S in tandem runs, and so we were given the nod into Top 16!


We would face Eric Belanger in the Top 16, as the sun began to drop. This run unfortunately brought up one of the reasons that most professional drifting series tend to keep the Pro Am and Pro classes seperate. I have to give credit to Eric, he gave it his all and made the best runs he could, but was extremely slow and nearly impossible to follow with the FR-S which had been dialed in for speed. As Eric’s speeds were consistent with his qualifying runs, it was deemed acceptable and he was given the nod into the Great 8.


Round 7


Upon returning home from Round 6, the FR-S underwent it’s typical post-event inspection and was found to have a lot of wear on the clutch from attempting to follow Eric Belanger. With the DMCC rounds being so tightly packed together, we were tasked with trying to find an FR-S performance clutch in the span of a week. Needless to say, this wound up being completely impossible, so we were left with only one choice and that was to bring back the old AE86 warhorse for one final hurrah.


Round 7 returned us to Riverside Speedway in St. Croix for the third time this season. This time, the track layout was flipped around to be run backwards. This event would also see a return to the Top 16 competition structure, once again splitting the pros from the pro am drivers.


Unfortunately the weather decided not to hold up for us, and after a great day of practice and qualifying we were hit with nasty rain for the competition day. Even worse, however, was when the rain stopped just before competition and the track began to dry. This lead to an inconsistent surface on the track, which is unfortunately like kryptonite to the AE86. We lined up against Alex Gosselin, and I gave it my best effort but made a mistake on my lead run. I knew that at this point my only choice was to go as hard as possible in the follow run and try to force Alex to make a mistake. He did what he needed to do however, and wound up getting the nod into the Top 8.


Round 8


Round 8 brought us to the Sanair race track for the first and only time in 2013. Throughout the season we’d been wrestling with the FR-S’ electric power steering not being responsive enough, and had tried several different strategies and techniques to attempt to counteract these issues. Our latest, and (it seemed) most effective strategy was an increase in front tire pressure in an attempt to make the steering lighter and more capable. In doing so, however, this also greatly reduced the front grip of the car, and a lot of care was needed to not send the car into understeer. A few laps into practice, the problem we had wrestled with all year came back to haunt us. Unfortunately, due to the timing and the extent of the damage, we were unable to get the car back up and running for competition, ending our weekend very early.


Though it wasn’t the greatest note to end on, this last round made it clearly apparent that a lot of things were going to need to be changed in order to develop the FR-S into the ultimate drifting machine that we know it can be. Even with the technical difficulties and troubles we experienced throughout the season, our team wound up managing to get 7th place overall in the championship, and it was a hard fought 7th place!


We’re back at the drawing board, and have many improvements to make to the FR-S over the course of the offseason. Our plan is to return with a much more refined machine, and one that is purpose-built for drifting. We hope you continue to join us on this adventure, and keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the offseason!


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2013 Season – Mid Point Recap

Hey all! This year’s drifting season has been so hectic and crazy that we’re finally getting a couple minutes to sit down, sip on a coffee, and look back at what has happened so far in the 2013 season.

We’ll start off with DMCC Round 1 at Autodrome Montmagny, which took place June 1st-2nd. It’s become widely accepted that the first round of DMCC will come with horrendous rain. It’s been a running theme over the years that we’ve been attending DMCC, and the 2013 season would not disappoint. The first day which featured qualifying, as well as practice sessions was met with on-and-off rain throughout the day, making track conditions somewhat difficult, but overall not too bad.

DMCC RD10098As many knew, this first round was supposed to be the inaugural round of competition for the 2013 Cyrious Garageworks Scion FR-S which had been built over the off-season. The vehicle was indeed complete at this point but had not seen sufficient testing at any of the local tracks, so it was decided to hold off until Round 2 once the car had seen a race track and some proper testing time. That being said, the trusty AE86 was ready and chomping at the bit to get back out on track, so we brushed the dust off and hauled out old faithful for one more blast at DMCC.

DMCC RD10053Little did we know, however, that the old AE86 had more up it’s sleeve than just making it out to this particular round of drifting. It showed pretty early on in practice that although it may be a near 30-year old chassis, it can still hang with some of the best out there today.

DMCC RD10010Before you could say, “Dang that old car’s fast!” the finals were upon us and we lined up against Marc Landreville. Marc suffered some mechanical issues before qualifying on the first day, so he was driving a Toyota Soarer at this round, which is why he may not be quite as familiar in this picture. It was a tense battle, but the decision was unanimous…

DMCC RD10152“Pat Cyr, for the win!!” It may have been a surprise to some, but the ‘little hachiroku that could’ managed to score another victory on the DMCC circuit. As it was expected that this would be the final round of competition for the AE86, it was certainly a nice way to cap off what would be a memorable Canadian drifting career for this car.

DMCC RD10016Once again, this would be a sort of bittersweet victory, as this would potentially be the last time the AE86 would be used in competition. However, appearances can be deceiving, and although we thought that this would be it for the AE86, we would soon be surprised to find out otherwise…

round2_4With there still being quite a lot of work to be done on the 2013 Cyrious Garageworks Scion FR-S, it was crunch time to get the car completed and battle-ready for Round 2 of DMCC. Unfortunately, due to some previously unforeseen technical issues that appeared during dyno testing of the car, it once again became a question of whether or not we could safely compete with the FR-S at the next round of competition. A few weeks later, the decision was made and we were back in Quebec for DMCC Round 2, held at Autodrome St. Eustache on June 29th; once again with the trusty old battle axe known as the AE86.

round2_3As much as it was not originally planned, there was no doubt that the AE86 was extremely comfortable at St. Eustache. This car had proven itself time and time again at what is largely considered to be Canada’s counterpart to Irwindale Speedway down in California, and Round 2 would be no different.

round2_5As in previous years, the AE86 was once again challenged with battling against cars with double the horsepower, and once again it proved that it could hold its own! Pictured here battling the 1000+ WHP RX-7 driven by Francis Tassé, the old battle axe shows it won’t be intimidated!

round2_6We wound up meeting Maxim Lemoine in the finals, and this one was definitely a battle to remember. Maxim had told us stories of attending DMCC in previous years and he always wanted to battle against us in tandem. Here his dream came true, and in the finals of the competition no less!

round2_1It was a tough battle, but in the end Maxim Lemoine ended up with the win due to a spinout on our follow lap. This would also officially be the final round of DMCC competition for the AE86, which had some of our Drift Posse crew members a little choked up, but ultimately we were very excited to finally bring out the FR-S and show the fans what the new chassis could do!

round3_5A week later, we were back in Quebec for Round 3 of DMCC at Riverside Speedway, and that could mean only one thing: the official debut of the 2013 Cyrious Garageworks Scion FR-S was finally here! We had felt fairly confident after our single test of the car between Rounds 2 and 3, at least enough so that we decided it was due time to bring out the FR-S and show everyone what it was made of!

round3_3Of course, as tends to often be the case with brand new race cars being used for the first time, problems began cropping up. Initially there were issues with getting the car to start, and then afterwards issues with getting the car to idle.

round3_1Even with the issues, we managed to get the car out onto the track for some practice laps. It was definitely cool to hear from the fans about how pumped they were to finally see this car in action. A lot of people saw the car making its rounds at the Canadian International Auto Show, and they were all just as excited as we were to see what was initially a pretty show car turned into a beastly drift car!

round3_4Unfortunately, electronic issues continued to plague the car throughout the first day of practice, and into qualifying as well. After putting down one qualifying lap, but being unable to get enough points to make it into Top 16, we decided to call it a day and pack up, rather than senselessly abusing the car without really understanding the problems it was experiencing.

round4-10It would only be another two weeks before we were headed down the 401 again to race at DMCC in Quebec! DMCC Round 4 was held in a town called Victoriaville on a flat asphalt pad-type course. The first day was met with rain for a better part of the day, which limited practice for a lot of the drivers as well as forcing DMCC to move their qualifying session into the second day.

round4-3Still, although most drivers weren’t very happy to see the rain, it was a good opportunity to get the car out to do some wet weather testing. In the past, the AE86 tended to have a lot of struggles in the rain, and getting the car set up appropriately to adjust for the rain seemed to not really be an exact science. Added to that is the fact that at Victoriaville the course runs through a drainage ditch of sorts, which tends to unsettle cars mid-drift. This was especially a problem in the AE86, which would practically have all four tires leaving the ground through that ditch. The FR-S proved to be both more stable through the wet parts of the course, as well as being very solid through the drainage ditch, which was certainly a nice change of pace from the AE86!

round4-8The second day wound up having much nicer weather, which was a relief for most of the drivers in the field. Practice got off to a great start, and the FR-S truly began to show just how much potential it has as a top level drift machine!

round4-9The FR-S definitely looked great sliding around Victoriaville! Although there were some little hiccups initially, the car wound up running as well as could be hoped for! It was definitely a relief having the car working the way it’s supposed to, and to really put on a great show for the fans.

round4-1This time around the FR-S managed to make it into Top 16, but we were paired up against Francis Tassé in his monstrous RX-7 FD. We tried our best to get the best of Francis, but the (de-tuned) 800hp RX-7 just proved to be too much. It made for an exciting battle, as Francis used his power to creep up on the door of our FR-S and seal in the win for himself.

The 2013 season thus far has certainly had its ups and downs, but has been great fun nonetheless. Getting the FR-S operational was a big victory for our team, and we hope to continue to push towards success for that car! We’re currently sitting in 5th place overall in points, and there’s 4 more rounds of drifting left. That being said, we haven’t given up on the points race yet!! It’s going to be a mad dash to the finish, and it could really be anybody’s game at this point! Stay tuned to PatCyrRacing.com for more updates on the rest of the season.

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The veil is lifted

This gallery contains 1 photos.

No caption needed. Via www.shutterlit.com for Scion Canada 

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Almost time for the Unveiling!

Only a few days to go before we reveal the Cyrious Garageworks Scion FR-S. Come meet Canada’s pro-drift driver and check out his drift FR-S at the Montreal Auto show - Friday Jan 18th (5 – 7 p.m.) and Saturday Jan 19th (10 a.m. – 12 p.m. and 2 – 4 p.m.) at the Scion booth.

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Causing a stir: The FR-S Engine Gag

Back in December 2012, we posted a picture on our Cyrious Garageworks facebook page that had the caption: “We’ve been hearing a lot of rumours about what motor people think should be in the Cyrious Garageworks FR-S. Let the rumours be silenced.”

Little did we know that it would cause the biggest stir on the iterwebs fueled by both enthusiasts, nay-sayers, nerdlingers, fanboys and fans with opinions over what should be in the engine bay of our project FR-S.

Check out Cyrious Garageworks on facebook – www.facebook.com/cyriousgarageworks now for more!

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Giving GIRTH to the FR-S

To say things have been coming along nicely… is an understatement.


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Blazing Trails – The Path of the AE86 Warrior


The AE86 Chassis is something dear and close to the heart of the enthusiast community. We aren’t strangers to that “cult” and have enjoyed a lot of moments sharing with people who “get it”.

Pat Cyr + AE86 = One helluva Chaser (Proximity)

For a few years now the Drift Posse AE86 has gone through many changes, but one thing remains the same.  It is a one tough contender. Possibly the AE86 with the most podiums and probably the most trophies ever.  That’s right, you read it here, the most winning-est single chassis AE86 Corolla ever.

As we make the switch from our almost archaic AE86, to the modern Scion FR-S, we would like to thank all those people who “get it” and have given the AE86 props.  This is NOT the last you have seen of our beloved cult-classic.


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Leaked! FR-S Project Concept

The cat’s outta the bag!  Scion Canada was too excited.  Enjoy the concept rendered by our good friend Matthew Law - www.matthewlaw.ca

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Sliding at Toyota Canada

Earlier in 2012, as a kick-off to Signing on with Scion Canada, we had the opportunity to do some drift demos at Toyota Canada Incorporated.  The whole company got to go out and even a few lucky people from the offices got to ride in both the bone-stock FR-S (which did a dandy job drifting in the TCI parking lot!), and in the bad-arse AE86.  If we were ever asked to do it again, of course we would!

For more pictures and see what’s in store for Scion Canada x PatCyrRacing visit Scion Canada on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/ScionCanada

Thanks to Toyota Canada for letting us put on a show!

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The Cyrious FR-S Transformation: Stage One

We’ve completed the first stage of turning the FR-S into a full blown race car. Roll cage and reinforcement is already under way, so be sure to check back for more updates

Oh and add Cyrious Garageworks on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/CyriousGarageworks to see the latest developments on the project FR-S as well as see what’s going on at the shop!

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